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How to speed up the development of the electric valve industry

2015/11/4      view:

How to speed up the development of the electric valve industry

 In recent years, with the development of mechatronics, electric valve this important mechanical products ushered in an unprecedented market. Huge market demand for electric valve is also increasingly high demand.

 How to seize this strategic opportunity to speed up the development of electric ball valve industry. Industry professionals from the following several aspects of the analysis:

 One, to pay attention to the adjustment of product structure, the courage to technological innovation, research and development of high added value and international advanced products.

 China's electric ball valve industry has been able to produce more than a dozen major categories of products. Such as gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, safety valve, check valve, throttle valve, plug valve, pressure reducing valve, diaphragm valve, steam trap, emergency cut off valve, etc., the highest temperature 570, the lowest -196, the highest pressure 600MPa, the maximum diameter 5350MM. Although these products strongly support the domestic economic construction, but it should be clear that our products are mostly general technical content or labor intensive products, very few have the international advanced level. Recently, the west east gas transmission line bidding, we all lost the valve business is a regrettable fact.

 Two, actively promote the joint reorganization between enterprises, as soon as possible to build a number of large-scale enterprise groups.

 How to speed up the development of the electric valve industry

 Electric ball valve industry is currently producing more than 5000 enterprises, the annual sales income of more than 50000000, only 7, more than 3 of the one hundred million, 200000000 yuan more than a business. The domestic market share of only one valve of nuclear Soviet Union more than 2% remaining businesses were below 1%. This enterprise scale is difficult to produce shock force in the market, with the international well-known enterprises in the same industry competition is more difficult. To change this situation as soon as possible, in addition to their own growth factors, the most effective way is through the joint between enterprises, mergers and acquisitions to achieve the capital expansion of enterprises to further expand the market share, in the competition invincible.

 This is a relatively popular practice in the international economic field, but also the future direction of the development of electric ball valve industry in the future. On this issue to emancipate the mind, in accordance with the sixteen proposed reform to have a new breakthrough, the development of new ideas to break the boundaries of the region, breaking all boundaries, breaking the boundaries of traditional division of labor. Enterprise as long as there is a joint venture may be bold to try to do, with 3-5 years and strive to create a number of output value over 500000000 or 1000000000 yuan of enterprise groups.

 Electric clamp type ball valve

 Three, improve the level of enterprise management, the implementation of management innovation, deepen enterprise reform, the implementation of institutional innovation in China's current electric ball valve industry is in a new round of alternating and restructuring period.

 The proportion of state-owned enterprises decline year by year, the rapid development of private enterprises. According to incomplete data estimation; our country present stage electric ball valve industry the proportion of assets, private 40%, owned 30%, for the rest of the funded, military enterprises share, is expected to the share of the next few years, private and foreign-funded enterprises will further expand. Now Wenzhou private enterprise development soon, and a considerable number of enterprises with certain scale and strength, such as Bethel, Yongyi, Zhejiang Weidu profit and other enterprises.

 Due to historical reasons, most of the enterprises in the industry are of heavy burden, the mechanism is not active, but many enterprises still have many advantages, such as equipment, talents, technology, brand and so on. For the rapid development of private enterprises, although there is no mechanism for the shortcomings and the historical burden, but its development process to pay attention to improve the level of enterprise management, implementation and management of innovation, to avoid falling into the "family" and "paternalistic" management stereotypes. In short, the electric ball valve industry is full of hope.

 Four, the implementation of diversified sales strategy, and strive to open up the international market, expanding exports.

 According to the Chinese Valve Association statistics show, at present we electric ball valve industry serious excess of production capacity, about 40% of the production capacity of shorting, facing such a huge excess production capacity, the most effective method is the implementation of diversified marketing strategy, and vigorously develop the international market. At present, the international market every year about exports of electric valve 60-70 million, China's exports 1.5 million, less than 2% points, the great potential here.

 First of all, open up international markets to pay attention to the cultivation of the talents of foreign trade, there are a number of foreign trade and business operations to understand a foreign language professionals; second, we must learn to use the Internet and information technology, and making customers to capture business opportunities; the third can be a number of foreign and domestic companies to expand its channel exports; fourth qualified enterprises can be sold or offered outside the factory set point in. In recent years Shandong Yidu valve factory in Suzhou and the 526 plants have better achieved market diversification. The proportion of export products has increased considerably, which has eased the contradiction of the shortage of domestic orders. Open up the international market also pay attention to play our own advantages, the selection of quasi exports, the current main in general electric ball valve of this type of labor-intensive products exports, in addition to the prospects for the export of wool is also very good.

 The implementation of technological innovation research and development of new products, a few roads, one through cooperation with institutions such as institutions, such as the recent Kaifeng high voltage electric.