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China's nuclear power technical standards and specifications of the valve

2015/11/5      view:

Power station valve, also known as special valve, the pipeline mainly used in the thermal power plant system, cut off or connect pipe medium. Nuclear power valve refers to the nuclear of N1, Chang Guidao CI and power station auxiliary equipment BOP system used in the valve. From the security level is divided into nuclear safety levels Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, non-nuclear. The highest level of nuclear safety Ⅰ requirements. According to statistics, a has two 1 million KW units of nuclear power plants have all kinds of valve 30000 units.

In 2009, the state increased investment in nuclear power field, basic construction investment of 57.63 billion yuan for nuclear power. Total installed capacity of 9.08 million kilowatts of 11 from the mainland, nuclear power units in service to keep safe and stable operation. Annual accumulative total capacity of 69.263 billion kilowatt-hours, not happened on the international nuclear event scale grade 2 and above running events, nuclear power plant running during the discharge of radioactive effluent is far lower than the national standard limit value, the safe operation of the nuclear power units in service performance is higher than the world average. Because the quantity of nuclear power valve in nuclear power plant is to use more medium conveying equipment, control is an important component part of the safe operation of the plant.

Nuclear grade valve developed in China started in the early '60 s. Up to now, after decades of efforts, has formed a certain scale of nuclear grade valve design, experiment, manufacturing and testing capabilities. At present, our country has won 19 enterprises issued by the national nuclear security administration civil nuclear pressure equipment design and production qualification license, can design and produce nuclear grade valves. The nuclear grade Ⅰ valve design production enterprises have five. Production for nuclear power plants valves are mostly nuclear level and nuclear Ⅱ, Ⅲ level valve. And for the first phase of qinshan nuclear power plant, phase ii construction offers a wide range of nuclear and non-nuclear valve, making an important contribution for nuclear power valve localization.

According to the excellent situation of the development of nuclear power plant and nuclear power valve development present situation, to achieve rapid development of nuclear power, that need to be added to perfect our country's nuclear power valve as soon as possible technical standards and specifications. Existing EJ, GB, according to standard ASME, RCC - M added sound, accord with national conditions, improve the operability, to facilitate the domestic nuclear power valve in design, material selection, manufacturing, inspection and so on each link to achieve localization. At the same time, the integration of domestic nuclear power valve valve industry experiment, detection and identification of equipment and ability, resource sharing, avoid repetition investment repeat construction, to speed up the development of nuclear power valve. Nuclear safety awareness and employee education and training, strengthen the design of nuclear power valve, make the whole process of quality management, improve the management level.